TTc ride/work weekend ...

A bunch of dirtbags that ride the TTC are having a ride-work bonanza this weekend all the way till tuesday Feb 12.
Jasper ,tenn is the location.
If you do trail work they will comp u a cabin for your efforts.
2 Peaks to shuttle. 5 runs total. One paved shuttle and one dirt road shuttle.
We have a mini dozer, Yamaha Rhino support vehicle and power saws etc.
If you haven't been to the TTC then come check it this weekend and just ride or pitch in if you feel like it.
Really cool scene at the moto trials park and pavillion with a couple of grills, tables etc.
As a WindRock Junkie think of it as a faster and not as much gnar.
The place is almost always empty......lets party. Bonfire and maybe cold beverage included...:monkeydance: