Aug 8, 2011
Hey! I have UST rims and tires, but am still running tubes. I would like to convert, but how?
I've heard of Stan's No Tubes Conversion Kit, but I've read that it's for people who don't have the tubeless and tires and want to go tubeless without buying the rims and tires. In my case, what do I need? The kit? Just the valves? Please help! :confused:

In case it helps, I have two different rims, one Mavic 819, the other WTB LaserDisc XC with Michelin Wild Rac'r advanced tires.


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Mar 19, 2002
Claremont, CA
I believe that Wild Rac'r Advanced tires come in both UST and tubeless ready versions. UST should mount up to UST rims without anything else necessary; tubeless ready versions mean they need sealant to really hold air. I'd recommend running sealant either way as insurance against flats. I have been using the UST Wild Racer Advanced and other Michelin tires with 819 rims and Stans sealant and it has gone quite well. So, for the 819 rim, you just need a valve core (Stans ones should work, but I haven't tried them; I use the ones Mavic supplies) and some sealant.

For your non-UST rim, you will need some kind of conversion kit. For Stans, that means rim tape, a rim strip and sealant; it may be cheaper to buy these parts individually than as a kit, as the kit is for 2 tires and includes 2 rim strips, which you don't need with the 819. You may want to do some research to see how well this works on your WTB rim, but it's probably fine.