Tubless setup using Double-sided carpet tape???


Oct 3, 2012
Coquitlam B.C.
Hi, Could use some advise or insight on this setup.

I have the Sun Charger Expert wheelset that are tubless ready on my 2012 Range 2. I just recieved my Der Baron 2.5 wire bead tires and want to mount them tubeless.

Thinking of using Double-sided carpet tape to help the non ust skinny rubber bead seal to the ust rim wall to avoid any burps. I`ve been told by a seasoned rider on the Northshore that electrical tape does a good job keeping the seal between the rim & rubber bead. I just thought of the other tape method today when searching for the electrical tape and stumbled across a left-over bundle of Double-sided carpet tape...

I`m going to try the stans sealant no need for me to add it untill I get a puncture so going to carry 2 small bottles with me untill I need them, this should save some coin & worries of it drying up, may need the injector tool they sell to...
Only down fall of this idea is a stem core removal tool and injector tool but easier than busting a bead to add sealant...
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Jan 7, 2007
The Area Bay
i just use a 20" presta bmx tube, ~1.375-1.75 inch. aka ghetto tubeless:

-stretch it over your rim
-use scissors to cut it open, cutting only one layer, along the centerline of the rim ( i like to wipe off the talc)
-fold the ex-tube-now-a-strip-of-rubber thing open, so the two cut edges are on either side of the rim
-mount your tire like normal, taking care to have the cut edges of the tube outside of the bead
-add sealant before fully seating second bead
-use an exacto blade to cut off excess tube (hot tip: you dont need to cut the full thickness, if you score the whole circumference, it will rip along that score)

i like this method since it involves a layer of rubber between the rim bead and tire bead, i think it has a better seal, less burping, and causes no mess (as opposed to stans kits which never seal on the first compressor shot)

edit: i found the tutorial BullCrew did a while back:http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/f19/ghetto-tubeless-conversion-diy-tips-tricks-240026/

some notes on his method:
i dont think spending the money on stans tape is remotely necessary. you will still need a rim strip or some style of tape. i use specialized plastic strips. I have seen talk of using gorilla tape as tape + sealing strip combo. i have no experience with this. also, i dont prefer the way BullCrew orients the blade when slicing the excess. I like to point the tip, and blade, away from my tire and toward the rim. I even run the blade tip along the rim, leaves minimal scaring if any. just get the pressure right.
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