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Morning monkeys!

Last day I'll be rockin' da hood in Trumbull. They are finishing the run, and won't be starting the next one until the pumps have drawn down the water table. They are guessing a week.

Be safe out there.

I Are Baboon

Run, Forrest, Run!
Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
Happy Tuesday, monkeys! I went for a very slow 9 mile run last night. I was most definitely feeling the effects of Sunday's century ride. I wonder how long it takes to shake a century out of your legs? I've got a half marathon Sunday. My legs need to be fresh.

binary visions

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Jun 13, 2002
'morning monkeys.

This past weekend, Jenn took me to a raptor rehabilitation center, as a surprise for my birthday. It's some deal where you make X sized donation, and the keeper takes you around for part of the day to see/feed/fly the birds.

It was a ton of fun.

I expected it to be fun.


What I did not expect was to be completely taken in by the vultures, of all birds. They are very intelligent, curious and playful, with an extremely distinctive personality.


I know birds are smart, but the vultures were clearly different than a lot of the other birds, much more personable and interested in the world.


Mar 31, 2004
Broomfield, CO
Mornin folks.

Was able to squeeze in 14 miles on the MTB last night, felt good to get out and stretch the legs. Had a kickass marlin steak for dinner (never had marlin before) and kicked it on the couch for a bit before bed. That's my vision of an ideal night.


bicycle in airplane hangar
Feb 2, 2007
Riding the baggage carousel.
*sigh*. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Yesterday's 12 mile run was a disaster. It was hot and in the sun almost the whole time. I stopped at 9.5, felt like I was getting heat stroke, and I did manage to get a hell of a sunburn. The wife managed 11 but definitely was suffering from heat stroke. We're both hurting today. Not much will be accomplished today me thinks. Concerned about the half marathon thats now less than 2 weeks away. I do not feel prepared.
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