Tuning my 40


Dec 7, 2007
Toulouse, France
I'm just looking for some advice on tuning my 40.

It's a 2006 model, which I brought second hand, I'm not sure what spring is there but I get correct sag with the preload knob all the way to the left (i weigh 62kg).

I only seem to be using about 5 inch of the travel on the tracks I ride around here, and it feels very 'rough' over some of the sections, so I'm looking to use most of its travel around here.

I haven't played with any of the hi/low speed compression adjusters because I'm not really sure what they do, the manual isn't very helpful and I don't really know where to start, so they're set how the guy I brought them from liked them.

Does anyone have any tips on setting it up? Or any settings I can try to make it use some more of its travel?

I'd like to not buy a new spring if possible, due to having no money right now, but it's a possibly if it's the only way to make it do what I want


muddy beast

Turbo Monkey
Nov 26, 2005
the hi/low speed adjusters adjust how much pressure it takes to use up travel. Essentially if you bob a lot when you pedal, make the low speed tighter (clock wise) and opposite if it doesnt bob enough. And if you use to much compression when you land and hit big things, tighten the high speed compression (but in your case loosen the high speed compression so you can use more travel (counter-clockwise).

At least thats how things work on my Talas 36 RC2. But go to the fox website and read the manual again, it really did help me a lot, I'm not sure why you're having trouble...they explained it in the 36 manual anyways.