Turkey day ride Turnbull Canyon!


Aug 26, 2005
Los Angeles
Whittier CA. Turnbull Canyon, well if you like to ride where it is stupidly overcrowded on thanksgiving day this is for you! Mainly alot of cross country middle aged men on there REI bought bikes and snappy head gear! Which means break out the cow bells and get ready to bomb downhill!!! Wizzz by on a full sus. monster! A freind of mine was out last thanksgiving doing the ride and got nailed by one of the middle aged men I speak of as he was going up on his freeride monster. The guy bounced right off him as he lowered his shoulder, freeride guy ok kept rideing, snappy out of control guy felt sick threw up and then went home and maybe to REI on the way:)


Fear my banana
Apr 5, 2004
So Cal
Well, if you keep riding like that you won't be riding Turnbull for long. There are some really bad access issues going on at turnbull.

I know because I used to be a local and that's where I would ride way back when.

Why don't you come one out to Mt. Wilson and shuttle instead? Should be alot of fun and it's way longer than Turnbull.