Turner DHR


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Jun 26, 2009

Turner has licensed DW link from the infamous Dave Weagle for 2011, and the new DHR looks quite stunning. The bike has 8.3 inches of rear travel, and has a very low center of gravity. Full details and pictures inside.

The dw-link system has been proven over years of testing on the Iron Horse Sunday, and now makes its jump to an American steed.

A DHX RC4 will be stock on the DHR frame, and it will have an ISCG 05 mount.

Placing the shock close to the bottom bracket creates a low center of gravity; this bike will be a great cornerer!

The rear axle of the DHR is 150 X 12, and the frame has 210 mm of rear travel.

The DHR boasts "ten years of DH evolution", so one can expect that merging a proven suspension design, dw-link, with a proven brand, Turner, will be a good combination. The sizes of the bike range from XS to XXL, so there will be a DHR to fit almost everyone.