Twin Parks HFO Results

Jun 22, 2005
Dripping Springs, Tx
Downhill AM
Chad Bivins 57:47/60:85

Downhill PRO
Nevada Thompson 50:56/48.25
Patrick West 50:32/51:03

1 Kit Strong 30:34 qual
2 Chad Bivins 31:44 qual
3 Kristen Hotopp 33:25 qual
4 Aubrey Williams 32:69 qual
Jeremiah Stone 33:53 qual
Britt Tucker DNF

1 Jeremiah Work 26:40 qual
2 Patrick West 31:44 qual
3 Nevada Thompson no qual
4 Paul Luciano no qual

Thank you guys who showed up this weekend. Congats to Jeremiah, and to Kit for his win in Am 4X. Also, thanks and congrats to Kristen "K-Dog" Hotopp for being a sport about being the only girl....and then really showing those guys how to shred that track! Good racin', girl. I would also like to thank all the Dallas area racers who came down to race: Chad Bivins, and the Southern Devilz including Britt Tucker, Jeremiah Stone, and Aubrey Williams. I look forward to seeing you guys at the next race. I hope all you locals out there aren't going to let these Dallas guys take over this series. I expect to see all you guys out here next month to represent Austin!! Well, thanks again, everyone, and be sure to check out our website in the next few days for some cool pictures of the race and the new Downhill run.