uhm - why didn't I just sign up for speech???



Julie said:
I called to find out about the birthing classes and I'm glad that I did because they are not having any in Dec. We are signed up for Thursdays nights in Nov and into Dec because of Thanksgiving. The classes are held in the building that I work in Room 114. We have to bring 2 pillows.

Thursday evenings from 7-9pm
Here are the Dates:
Nov 10
Nov 17
Nov 24
Dec 1
Dec 8

I'm also signed up for a breast feeding class, but you don't go to that one. They want women only. I guess we will be sitting around with our boobs hanging out...

This is very exciting... I guess it will all happen very soon!



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Sep 21, 2003
In a van.... down by the river
Oh - and all that breathing crap and relaxation technique is crap.

Don't tell your wife, though. Those classes are for taking her mind off of the 16 hours of amputation-level pain she's gonna go through........