UK legalises Civil Unions


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Jan 9, 2004
As you may have noticed, (or not) the UK has just made it legal for same sex couples to enter into legally recognised unions which carry the same legal status as Marriage or common-law partnerships.

New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Spain already have similar laws or in some cases even allow full 'Gay Marriage'. France and Portugal recognise Gay couples but do not yet grant them equal legal status. Even South Africa has passed legislation to open the way for civil unions within a year or so.

Now it seems the US is tearing itself appart over this issue. Funnily enough when I searched for civil unions on Google News the first result I got was about Wisconsin's state senate voting to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions.

Why do religious types have such a problem people loving each other? Why does the same half of the US that supports the oppression of Arabs have more in common with backward dictatorships they claim to oppose than the rest of the civilised world? What is happening to America?

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Nov 21, 2005
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Why do we have such a problem with evolution and global warming here too?

This is a very religious country and religious leaders hold a lot of sway. Pat Robertson has a huge following and the religious right has become a large part of the Republican party, which is the dominant party at the moment (and for the foreseeable future unless the Dems get their heads out of their collective @sses.) I can't even see an atheist being elected for anything here as it's almost a ritual that any official running for public office must proclaim their faith in something or lose the election. In 2004, how often did we see Bush or Kerry talking about their faith? The answer is every day (sometimes Kerry more than Bush.) As a result, religious leaders are allowed to spout out their anti-gay propaganda, and politicians feel that they must follow suit, or else lose their ballot support.

Of course, when you leave it up to the public, they still vote for intolerance. Ugh. Of course, if you are going to base your morals on the Bible, (which a large portion of this country does) then there is some basis for being anti-gay (note: I do not endorse this position, I only point out that people who get it from the Bible are not necessarily wrong about what their source says.) Of course, those people (due to the history of our country and the way it has pandered to Christians throughout that history) feel that they have some right to push that religion on everyone around them. Witness the pharmacists who won't give out birth control, people who are anti-choice, and people who fight to put 10 Commandments monuments in court houses or balk at removing "Under god" from the Pledge of Allegiance.

OK </rant>


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Mar 4, 2004
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I don't think you two have any love for America, you non-patriotic terrorists!

Why don't you go to some peace-lovin', hippy commune where he-ing and he-ing is acceptable in the eyes of your heathen tree gods that you worship by dancing naked around a fire....

geez, don't you know that America is not about Love?



Oct 17, 2002
MudGrrl said:
...he-ing and he-ing...
I'm not 100% certain what that means, but hahahaahah :thumb:

To answer the question... if you truly believe something is wrong, you can't just ignore it, even if the methods of non-ignoring are wrong.