Umm, Sorry Sir, we're going to have to remove the OTHER testicle


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Mar 31, 2002
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Man: Docs Took My Good Testicle

A Utah man says that doctors at St. Mark's Hospital in Millcreek removed the wrong testicle during a procedure in June 2003, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Johnny Gibson had been experiencing persistent pain in his left testicle — and filed a lawsuit against the surgical team in 3rd District Court this week claiming they took the wrong one.

George Waddoups, Gibson's lawyer in the suit, says Gibson asked the surgical team to mark the left testicle before surgery to prevent exactly that from occurring.

"He asked people on the team to mark him, and they told him they didn't need to do that," Waddoups told the Tribune. "This has caused a lot of embarrassment, and he's had other complications that have developed. He still has pain."

that is SO wrong


Jul 29, 2003
Montgomery county MD
Can you hook a brother up with a link? I want to take this to human sexuality class today at noon. That does suck though! maybe we should take the doctors testicles so that he can't procreate

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Dec 21, 2004
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valve bouncer said:
Does his wife get to keep it in her purse?
She's really got him by the balls....(ball)...

That chick's got balls...(ball)...

To heckler: "You can lick my husband's left nut..."*reaches into purse*

Look!! In Utah!! It's a sterile bird, it's a neutered sheep ....oh...wait...that's just John....

"Will you stop breakin' my balls?!!? ...oh...right...I forgot..."

"Where did you get those earrings??? Your husband gave them to you???"

Ok...I'm done...for now...
Jul 28, 2003
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So, a man goes to the doctor complaining of migraine headaches. The doc does an exhaustive physical and tells the man that the problem is his balls are too heavy and that the constant strain of them hanging there is causing the headaches. The only answer is to remove them. The doctor tells him to think it over.

While the man is thinking about it a blinding headache strikes. In the throes of agony and desperation, he decides to take the doc's advice. They set up the appointment for the next day.

After a brief recovery the man is released from the hospital. Weeks go by and no headaches. To celebrate the man decides that he needs a new wardrobe and goes to the swankest men's shop in town. The salesman looks him up and down and says "You're a 42 long." The man says "You're absolutely right! How did you know?" The salesman says "It's my business to know."

So, they spend the afternoon picking out new suits, shoes, shirts, belts and each time the salesman told the man exactly what size he was.

And then they got to the underwear. The salesman looked the man up and down again and said "You're a boxer man and take a large" The man said "HA!" with glee because he thought the salesman had finally missed one, "I wear briefs and take a medium! That's all I have worn my entire adult life!" The salsesman looked at him and said "Are you crazy? If you wore medium briefs you'd have such unbelievable headaches they'd bring tears to your eyes."

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Sep 10, 2001
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When I went in for my knee, the wrote in HUGE black marker "NO!" on my good knee. I was on drugs at the time and thought it was the funniests thing. They said they did it ever since they cut the wrong limb off a guy.

I would think they would have done the same for his nuts. where is the link to the ebay auction for Uncle Bob's left nut?