Unreal Cycles Senior review


Feb 19, 2008
I just got an Unreal Cycles Senior frame for my new mountain cross/dual slolom rig. Basic stuff first, cable routing is perfect, under the top tube and then on top of the seat stays, out of the way, clean, no complaints. The frame has the substantial gussets you come to expect from a real bike(or unreal!) and is sturdy! The stack height is low with an intergrated headset design. The bike pedals like there is no tomarrow, really responsive to power input and stays on track no problem. The adjustable chainstay length is a genius feature, it has four different settings ranging between 15 3/4" to 17", so tuning the bike to the track or jump park you're at is a snap. cornering is intuitive, no work or translation from thought to action required, it goes where you want it to go. Its jumping makes anyone rail everything, its cooler than cool whip! from riding this bike for over 2 months strait at BMX, mountain cross and pump tracks I have yet to find a single qualm with it. If anybody wants pictures of the bike, go to
if anyone is interested in buying this bike, go to Unrealcycles.com

i give it 5 out of 5:clapping: