Upstate SORBA's Cranksgiving Weekend


May 18, 2010
Come join Upstate SORBA for Cranksgiving Weekend.
November 22nd-24th
Greenville SC
Website: www.upstatecranksgiving.org
Registration: http://go-greenevents.com/upstatecranksgiving

Cranksgiving Weekend is Upstate SORBA's annual trail fundraising event. All proceeds go back into maintaining and building new trails in Upstate SC.

Friday we will kick things off with an Alley Cat Race. You will summit the highest peaks that downtown Greenville has to offer. Pre-race festivities will be held at Chicora Alley. First to Summit and make it back to the finish wins! Our version of Alpe D'huez. Bike Lights and Helmets required.

Saturday will be the Suspension Experts SC State Championship Super D at Paris Mtn. State Park. After the race we continue the party with a huge Azz bonfire, food, beverages for all and some drag racing.

Sunday we wrap things up at Paris Mtn State Park with the Wild Turkey Enduro. 4 stages, varying in difficulty. We will close the stage trails down to allow you to go as fast as your little legs will allow.

If you are not interested in racing we could use your help as a volunteer.

Volunteers needed for Upstate SORBA's biggest event of the year! Help us host the riders for a great weekend! Volunteer positions need to be filled for Nov. 22,23,& 24. For more info contact Molly Burgmann @ volunteer@upstatesorba.com or register online at http://go-greenevents.com/event/id/1463


Oct 7, 2007
Boone, NC
Just registered for the Super D and Enduro! Caroline is bringing her new Giant, so that means I have next to no chance at bringing home the title of fastest in the Washam/Westray household...

Any word on the stages for the Enduro? The final stage last year was just downright mean ;) . That is the only time I've had cramps in my legs so bad I couldn't stand up through turns :eek:


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Dec 11, 2001
Over your shoulder whispering
You guys gonna fill us in?

The oldest daughter wound up being in the Asheville Holiday Parade Saturday performing riding with the Fairview Flyers Unicycle Team and youngest had a pre-season basketball tournament championship game that afternoon.

Pretty cool, but had to miss Cranksgiving. Who did what? Did some euro trash roadie thrash the field and take the women folk back to the fjords or what?