**URGENT**Bikes Stolen in Colorado Springs


Jan 3, 2009
Hello All,

This morning between the hours of 12:00 am and 7:30 am, my garage was broken into and I had three of my Demo/Sample bikes stolen along with other miscellaneous items, all listed below.

Not only is this personally upsetting as a simple violation of property, yet it is very disturbing as these bikes are a part of my livelihood. Hopefully, the fact that these bikes are hard to come by will lead to something, yet I ask all of you to keep your eyes open and pass this message along to anyone you know that I may have missed.

Items gone:

2009 Felt F15X Cyclocross bike


Full Shimano Ultegra SL

Easton EC70X Carbon Cross Fork

2008 Felt Compulsion One


Full Shimano XT

Rock Shox Pike 426

2008 Felt Redemption Team


Custom Build

2008 Rock Shox Boxxer WC

XTR Crankset w/ Gamut guide

Also Stolen:

Husky 1500 PSI Powerwasher

RIGID 1.8 Hp 4.5 Gallon Air Compressor

Ryobi 3/8” Power Drill

Dremel Digital Rotary Tool

Dremel Contour Sander Kit

DeWalt HD compact Jigsaw

Fox Transport gearbag black

Fox F3 Moto boots white size 8

EVS Web Knee Braces Left & Right Sz. Medium

Fox Blitz Moto pant sz. 32 Blue

Fox Blitz Moto Jersey sz. Med Blue

Fox 360 Moto pant sz 32 Red

Fox SFX Moto Jersey sz. Med Red

Fox V3 Striper Moto Helmet Red

Fox Main Pro Moto Goggles Red

Fox Helmet Bag

As well as multiple miscellaneous pieces like gloves, (I can’t even remember how many pair I had in my Moto bag,) and my wife’s SCUBA gearbag, which had her fins, goggles, snorkel etc. in it.

If you have ideas or info as to the whereabouts of any of these items, or the incident itself, please contact me as soon as you can. Again, please keep your eyes open for anything popping up in your area or circle.


Michael Blackmore | Outside Sales |

Felt Bicycles | Fox Head, Inc. | Chrome Ind.| FOX Eyewear | The Bike Park @ Sol Vista | SDG USA

O 719.302.0971 | M 719.290.0768 | blackmoreinc@comcast.net


Jan 3, 2009
First Off, I want to say THANKS!

I was overwhelmed by the number of responses I received to this. I sent out a blast e-mail to almost everyone I knew within the community, and all I can say is, I could not be more proud to have you all as friends/family.

Everyone that I have run into or received e-mails/posts from in the past few days have been genuinely concerned and and eager to help, and I can't thank you enough...

That being said, I did get most everything back on Friday night. Here's what went down...

Friday morning I reported everything to the local police and ran thru the insurance rigamoral, then proceded to try and get some work done before I got to the business of replacing the locks on the garage. The theives had cut thru the existing locks and clasps to get in.

After a quick trip to the hardware store searching out the best replacments, I returned home and started installing them. It was then that I got a call from an officer asking if I was the one that had some "high-end bikes stolen" and if I could describe them.

As I described each one to a tee, he only said, "I have that one.","Yup, that one too." and "Do you want to come get all three?"

I jumped in the van and went down to some meth-head trash hole off south 8th street, where about four cops explained that the guy in the back of their car had stolen a truck from a local dealership and proceded to Home Depot to steal a bunch of trees and plants, then on to my place to loot my garage.

The bikes were there and after rumaging around the property for a couple hours I had found just about everything else that was taken, except for my moto gear bag and my wife's SCUBA gear.

So yeah, I got just about everything back, but the question still remains. Why me? My garage has no windows, and my alley is a dead end. Not to mention, nobody else on my street was hit. did the guy just get lucky and hit the jackpot at my place on a whim, or did somebody tip him off?

Well, after checking some things out yesterday, both my wife's Jeep and my Blazer, which both sit on the street out in front of the house, were keyed on the driver's side that night.

Somebody knew me and what was in my garage and marked our cars to let the theives know which house to hit. The guys probably sat out back and waited for us to go to bed before spending a good hour or so robbing me blind.

So again, Thanks for all your help and concern and a special thanks to the CSPD for doing a great job catching some low life scum bike theives!