Aug 29, 2006
I can find a bunch of Albeta and Sask boys how ill argue your Quebec rules post...what does Quebec produce ouside of goaltenders and fragile forwards? :D:rolleyes:
Other than those two, this is the only other thing...



Turbo Monkey
May 2, 2004
Quebec is one of the cheapest places I have ever lived, bar none, and I have had the opportunity to live in many places. I have also had the opportunity to travel, extensively.

You should probably take your xenophobia, put it away in the garage for a bit, and see the rest of the world. Your eyes would be opened to how truly blessed you are to live in Canada; even the part that like's to waste YOUR tax dollars on things like language police, sign laws and referendums they will never win.
I am going back to school as soon as I move.
Aswell as order new frame.

quebec has produced all the legends :thumb::weee: and thats all I have to say to get answers :rofl::rofl:

And yes,I did have my facts wrong before,it was the north stars VS the flames ? like was mentionned ?? and I am sorry for it great RM members :p

And transcend,I remember seeing you at bromont,my buddy toine always said "hey theres fraser on the orange" "wich one"( beleive it was foster beside you possibly on a other orange ??) "le ptit' " dont be pissed cause its a true story.

I love this thread.

p.s I would love to go all over the world.Wana fill buckets with duckets for me to go ??? didn't think so :)