v10/ dhx tuning?


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konahucker43 said:
ok, i landed my new ride today, pics to follow, and i need to set up the rear shock. i weigh 165 with pads. any suggestions on tuning? thanks
Make sure to set your boost valve in pretty far. You don't want to have your setting too far open because it makes the v10 wallow a bit. With ur progression in a bit it feels more responsive and a lot less like the older v10s. Other then that set up is pretty standard, I dont own one but my friend does and he pretty much hopped on his and it ripped. He weighs like 175ish and I believe he was running a 450ibs spring. Youll prb want a 350 or 400. Let us know how it rides man, Im looking at one for 2006 as well. Your still junior next year aren't you or are you moving up?

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Jul 31, 2003
So far i've run mine to santacruz/fox recommendation for the bike (should be in the book with the frame), and gave the rebound 1 click slower than recommended. I weight the same as you and it rides damn nice with the recommended set up, if anything i'd set it up how they tell you to and make minor adjustments from there.


Jul 18, 2004
central NY
o and what the hell is up with this no ISCG tabs? anyone know how to do this? i tried transfering my e13 guide from my sgs to the v10 and it didnt work. i found a tab on my orange msile but i cant figure out how to get it off?

and i will be a junior next year. all young guns, watch out. haha


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Feb 26, 2003
Damn, you going to Diablo this weekend to break it in? New bikes are always fun. :thumb:

As for the mounting problem... If your guide came on the SGS then you wont have this piece, but if you bought your guide you should have kept it. Its a little ring that gets threaded with the BB shell, and it has ICGS tabs on it. I believe you can call e 13 and pick one up for about 20 bucks.

Actually, i have mine and am not using it on my DHR, and will sell it to you in the parking lot.

It looks kinda like this special one for the intense m1.



Oct 28, 2004
Fort Collins, CO
I run my V10 pretty close to what SantaCruz says with a 450 5th TI spring, and I weigh about 170 with pads. I do change rebound and stuff based on what cousre I'm racing. Enjoy soaking up EVERYTHING it's a bad ass ride.