V10c or Demo 8 II (alum)


Nov 17, 2009
Hey guys!

My last 4 DH bikes were Demo 8's. I really feel good with them.
But I may want to try a V10c because:
1. It comes with a Fox 40
2. Am looking for a more comfortable ride

How would rank and compare Demo's against V10's.

I know both bikes are top notch ones, but how would you describe their differences...



Not long enough
I've only ridden the demo a couple times,mainly because they both felt like crap. I just got a v10 and am still figuring it out.It corners,or lays over really easily(coming off an m9),accelerates really well and feels very stiff (not in a bad way). To me, the seat mast feels too far back and the rear end is longer than I'd prefer,but there are trade offs with that.Its a more "moto" body position than the m9 which was more of an ass over rear wheel feel.And it's a little less "in the bike " feel ,but I haven't tried it in 10" mode either.


Oct 28, 2008
The V10, in my humble opinion, has a better suspension platform that pedals better and is more composed in the rough. Even in 10 inch mode, it's not terrible on jumps and you can have your fun on poppy, playful trails.

The Demo has superior geometry, corners more easily, and really pops like crazy. I think it's a better bike for the modern-day, groomed, flowy bike park.

You said you're looking for a "more comfortable ride" so I think you should base your decision on what kind of terrain you will be riding and your riding style. If you ride a lot of rough stuff and you are a point and shoot kind or rider, then I think the V10 will definitely be more comfortable. If you like the flow trails or you are someone who gaps everything, then the Demo will offer more comfort.