Vanderham Takes Flight, Lands Massive Hip


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Jun 26, 2009
Thomas Vanderham has definitely pushed the envelope of big bike sending with his latest project. Huge boost, some of the best style in the business, and the new Saint gear makes for a sick video. Not sure if a giant dirt jump is the best testing ground for the components, but who cares, it's huge.

Source: Anthill Films


Earlier this year, Shimano gave us the opportunity to shoot with Thomas Vanderham for the launch of their new Saint. Thomas wanted to change things up a bit and create something that would highlight just how much freeride mountain biking has progressed since the launch of the first Saint in 2003. Here’s Thomas’ own words on his motivations behind the video…



"I have always taken inspiration for my riding not only from my peers and my sport, but from other sports as well. Starting from a young age, I was always a fan of the high-flyers. From Terje Haakonsen to Michael Jordan to Bubba Stewart – I can’t get enough of watching these guys seemingly defy gravity. The feeling of weightlessness at the apex of an air has led me on a constant pursuit of hang time. It’s a journey that doesn’t have an end, but one that a lot of gravity riders can relate to. When Shimano told me that new Saint was ready to be put through its paces, we set out to build a jump that would maximize amplitude and style. The result really reminded me how far we have come in the ten short years since Saint was first introduced... and it was a whole lot of fun!" - Thomas Vanderham.