Vanilla 130 RLC question


Nov 23, 2005
San Diego
I just recently got a brand new '05 vanilla and put it on my heckler. I had to change out the stock spring for the next heavier one. Prior to changing the spring the lockout worked great. I also believe the lockout worked fine after changing the spring.

Here's the problem: I was adjusting the lower blowoff valve setting and now I can no longer get the fork to completely lock out. When I flip the lever it gets much stiffer, but i am still able to compress it. I've tried all different settings on the blow off valve but no luck. Whats the deal? I've also noticed small amounts of oil on the uppers, is that normal? Thanks.


Dec 7, 2005
Carlsbad, CA
ya its totally normal for the uppers to have oil on them
i would just take it in to the LBS that u bought the bike from in the first place. they could proboly check it outAlso it could be defective and then u would have to send it in to Fox, which may i add that they have excelent customer service.are u sure u r pusing the lever all the way.just wondering.Also make sure u have a good weight oil in the shock