Vector format?


filthy rascist
May 13, 2005
Front Range, dude...
I am trying to do a deal with a guy stateside for new hoceky jerseys for my team here. He needs our artwork, which is in Powerpoint (Yeah, lame I know...) in Vector format. Is there a way to convert/switch/change/transmogrify my modest Powerpoint into Vector format?


Feb 13, 2004
looking for classic NE singletrack
If you have Powerpoint, you can export it as a .pdf. If you don't have Powerpoint you can use a PP-like program like (free) Libre Office's "Impress" to do it, but I'd stay as close to whatever program originally created the design. Making something in Powerpoint, opening it in "Impress" and then exporting it to a different type of file altogether is just asking for something to get screwed up, or to lack a font or for a color to be off, or something dumb like that. I'm a big fan of Inkscape for vector graphics (ie, bike graphics) but that doesn't help you much now that the design has already been created.