Veilsidefred11's bike chek

Jan 28, 2008
Quebec, Canada
Hey, im a new user here but i was reading you for a while and i thought it would be a great idea to post my bike chek.

so here are the picture, specs are at the end:

Frame: Specialized P.3
Fork: RS Pike 454 dual air
Wheelset: Syncros DPS32
Hub (front) : formula dc91
Hub (rear) : Atomlab aircorp SS 12T
Crank set: demolition medial LT
Pedals: Fly Ruben
Sproket: Odyssey MDS
Brake: Avid BB5
Brake lever : Colony transformer
Stem: eastern deceptikon
Bar: atomlab John jesme
Seatpost : macneil
Seat : primo balance pivotal
Grips : demolition Team
Tire : kenda confort 1.95
Chain: Khe halflink
Barends: kink lightest

Here is my bike
Soon to come : ill make a deposit on my Tonicfab Howie this wendsday for SURE and ill be proud of it =D

if you guys are like on ridestreet.co.uk and you want the weigh of each piece i can do that and make the total of my bike


Apr 13, 2007
one world...
looks like you'll have a real solid spec. sheet to transfer over to the Howie... Howie gonna do it.

watch those bars though, I bent mine right at the stem clamp and I'm not a big dude either.

Cru Jones

Turbo Monkey
Sep 2, 2006
Hell Track
I don't know how you guys are bending those Jesme bars. Mine are still going strong. The steer tube on my gold label bent before the bars on a massive 50/50 case out at the HIV. Maybe it was an old problem that they fixed.


Turbo Monkey
Jun 10, 2002
howie will def. be dope! looks like you've ridden that P a few times...

you should trim your rear brake cable, they can get tangled up in the caliper/rotor....

make sure to post up some pics of the howie when you get it...