Wacky Winter Weather!!!

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Oct 18, 2002
The Cleft of Venus
Ok... 2 nights ago we were freezing our asses off with lows in the mid 20's and highs in the low 40's... now tomorrow is supposed to make it to right at 80F...

Of course we will probably have an ice storm Wed and be out of power for 10 days.



Jul 16, 2002
Glitter Gulch
Two days ago it was 6º today it is 40 ish and all the snow is melting. TN was supposed to take me skiing for the first time this week too. :(


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Dec 25, 2003
Six Shooter Junction
I only got 8hrs last night.

What a difference a week makes! Last Thursday, we tied a record low of 24 degrees at the Waco Regional Airport. Saturday's high of 79 tied the record set back in 1978 and 1989. With partly cloudy skies and south winds gusting up to 30 mph again Sunday, our temperatures should once again top out near 80 degrees. However, we'll probably fall short of the 84 degree record set in 1956.