walla walla

So my house sold today, and we're movin' to walla walla. The family got 10 acres out there and we're starting to build a house. Any good riding in the area? My dad and I are going to build some DJs, and I'm thinking about pouring a concrete skatepark. I'll be living in bellingham going to school most of the time, but we'll be out of my other home in bothell by mid January.
go into bike barn, and make friends with reggie, and a friend of his, pete. they are cool gusy and will definitely show you around. there is some ok trial riding around there (north fork is the main one) and extremely littel from town, a quick loop around the reservoir. but there is some stuff. good guys in the shop, into DH/fr/urban (not that there is a lot in that flatass town) but anyway go in and talk to them.


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
reggie and his friends are great guys. From what i understand they have trails around their house too. Like zman says, defintily look them up.