Want. (motorcyle)


Aug 20, 2002
Metrowest MA
I rode on the back of an '07 BMW R1200GS Adventure on Sunday and it was f-ing sweeeeeeeeeeet. We took a bunch of back roads around my house (Auburn/Oxford/Sutton/Douglas) that I use for road rides and are nice and swoopy (man, we leaned into a corner so far that I found out later that the driver scraped his boot!) and then hopped on a pseudo-highway (Rte 146) for some speed. I was super comfortable and think I will have perma-grin from the ride and got off the bike thinking Oh Yeah that would be an incredible acquisition. I could have ridden all day if there weren't other time constraints.

I pulled the trigger myself a few weeks ago on an '07 Kawi KLX 250 dual sport and will take the MSF class next Thur and Fri.


Can't frigging wait. But after Sunday's ride, I can see this being like the typical bike addiction...what am I going to get next??? The R1200GS would rock but empty the bank...if the Kawi turns out nice they have the KLR 650 for good money just as the KLX was - they are at a terrific price point. And of course there's going moto specific, too....But I'm sure I'll have plenty of time between now and then to figure out what will be a good fit for me at the right price. For now, I'll be working on making some mods to the KLX and that should keep me busy for a while - especially since I'm gonna have to beg for help from others given my absence of mechanical skills. Although I do want to learn to wrench on my own bike over time.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 21, 2006
In your pants
I've decided that I want that Suzuki Super Moto bike really bad.

And I've decided that I'm about to spend 1/6th of the price of that bike on a full DuraAce Road bike instead.

Wise move on my part.


I give a shirt
Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh

My best riding buddy told me stories of this bike. One of the things the dealer said when you bought it was you may want to buy an additional tail lens, cause it was soo tourquee that it was easy to flip it up and over! :clapping:

I present the nice and small Bultaco Metrella...

I have always wanted a bike to jump on and go anywhere on... as BMW's go I think the F-650's are nice, relatively inexpensive, and can really be kitted up nice!

for the same reason that I like the F650's I like the Kaw. KLR's they are nice and reliable and you can rig them up right for touring etc. really on the cheap!