WARNING in OHIO -- Stay away from Chris' Cycle Works!!


Dec 6, 2004
Don't know that this necessarily belongs in bad sellers and scams cuz its not in the e-realm, its IRL.

Me and two friends went to Chris's Cycle Works in Pataskala, Ohio about a month and a half ago. I hesitate to call it an LBS because it looks like the guy's garage with a sales counter added at one end. No real new bikes to speak of, used steelies and some BMXers, and some low end MTB's. Older Bob Jackson on display that is "not for sale". Box of old wheels, no parts racks.

One of my friends said he used this guy before and he was really cool. Friends each take in a wheel to get trued, and one of my friends decides to buy a cheap entry level Fuji road bike.

Chris, the owner, says it will be in a week from when my friend made the last payment. A week goes by with no call, and no return calls. Finally he gets ahold of him, and he says, "your bike is here, but I broke the front der. when I was putting it on so I had to order a new one. Its now a week from when he said he could have the bike.

Phone tag for two more weeks, probably 20 or so calls, left messages, no return. Told him it would be done the next day once, then vanished the next day. For the most part still doesn't answer his phone or return calls.

Finally, three and a half weeks after the bike was supposed to be delivered, my buddy is just trying to get his money back, doesn't even want to do business anymore. he says come out to the shop after work friday and you can get your bike. My buddy shows Friday and there is a note on the door. "closed for technical difficulties, etc..." Still won't return calls.

Next week my friend calls the police and a lawyer, calls one more time and tells him he is taking action.

Chris calls back and says he has his bike, but doesn't appreciate his tone or being "threatened" over the phone. Basically yells at my friend and says "the street goes both ways"

This guy is way out of line, and I dont want anyone else to get screwed. My friend, Joe, is the passive type, which Chris took full advantage of. IMO this is bullying and intimidating a customer who wanted nothing more than to give you money.

If it were me, it would have went down much different.

BTW, the wheels they left him to true also took a week longer than originally stated, and one popped a spoke within 10 minutes of hitting the road and is now pretty much unrideable until it gets retrued, but it sure as hell won't be by this guy.