Was having a great day until I recieved a phone call.


Mr. Excitement
Feb 3, 2002
Over there somewhere.
Now, I'm kind of just trying to get myself pulled back together.

Late last night, my one cousin washeading back from a party, must have fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed his car very hard. Right now he is in the intensive care unit with a busted up head, busted back and all of his ribs are broken. First thing done was check to see if booze was a factor, fortunately it wasn't and has feeling in his arms and legs.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 9, 2001
Wow, hope he gets better.

This past weekend me and some of my buddies were in an accident when I guy going at least 30mph hit us when we were parked at a light. If it wasn't for being in a huge Dodge pickup I would have been really messed up. Very scary stuff.