...was trials bike now Trials Hubs


Mr. Ho Jangles
May 9, 2003
In the trials bike thread we started talking hubs. I started looking for Hadley hubs since they have lots of engagement points and such. I can't find Hadley's web site if there is such a thing to find out info. Does Hadley make a non-disc hub? That's one of the things that is a pain about everyone going to disc is that it's harder and harder to find a really good non-disc hub. I may just have to start saving my pennies and digging in people's couches for spare change to try and afford a King.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 8, 2003
neither here nor there
do not get a hadley. like said above, the hadley hubs are really quite pricey- not too far off from a king. you will be much better off with a king for trials riding. i have a hadley hub that i used for dh, it was great for that but when i used it on my trials bike in a jam, it was horrible. i think hadley has like 24 points... solid but too few and far between. you would be better off with the hope hubs or saving up all the way for a king.

hope this helps!


Jan 30, 2003
hadley makes a trials hub that has more engagement points 108 than a king72( hadley is still a 3 pawl design though). The tradeoff if that the hadley is a little bit pricier(i think) and whieghs more than a king. The king with a steel freehub is the way to go.