Watch out for the F%^&ing thieves at Red Box


Turbo Monkey
Jan 2, 2005
DC/Bluemont VA
I was up riding Mt. Wilson with a couple of buddies from school and when we got back to the top to get my truck, we found that the hitch mount platform bike rack had been stolen off the back. It wasn't locked on, which was perhaps stupid, but the fact that somebody (perhaps even another mountain biker, although more likely a meth head) walked off with it really pisses me off. If you see one of these things floating around socal, mine was a draw tite and had some metal ground off the tongue cause it was warped from the factory. Kindly bludgeon and/or call the cops on whoever has my rack, and watch your own stuff when you're up on the mountain.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
Those damn meth heads....maybe you should leave a video camera in the cab recording the bed area. You should get one of those lockable pins, have you seen them?