WC mechanics : a discussion


Turbo Monkey
May 30, 2007
Trek tweeted the following and it got me thinking about mechanic 'stats'.

"Get this: Monk has accumulated 18 natl titles, 49 WC wins, 23 WC overall titles, & 12 World Champions in his 19 years as a mechanic. #legend"

i'll admit, even though i've been following WC and national DH racing forever i've never really kept up with mechanic 'stats'. i think everyone here knows how much these racers owe to their mechanics but other than those who work in the biz what do we really know? of course i know monk has been around forever and wrenched for some of the best, but never realized (or maybe i just didn't give it enough thought) just how winning he was.

i think it'd be cool to talk about the mechanics and their 'performance history' if you will...

there doesn't appear to be much info out there that i could find - anyone with the deets care to share with the class? histories, stats, stories? anything, really.

and thanks to all the photographers/websites who incorporate audio into their behind the scenes pics and slideshows as well as the videographers who give some focus on the dudes in the pits making everything work for their racers.



Turbo Monkey
Aug 23, 2002
Roanoke, VA
Two words;
Doug Hatfield.
GT, Cannondale, Syndicate. He has nearly 20 years on the job now too.
Separating DH wins from other national and Worldcup wins is stupid, mtb racing is mtb racing. Managing more than twice as many bikes ain't easy.