We squealled like pigs!

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    So last Sunday was the 20th anniversary Birthday party for a local trail called Deliverance.
    The trail was the (demonic) brain child of Mudsy, the founder of my bike shop.
    Mudsy along with the shop staff and mates built what for 20 years has been the single most legendary trail in Wellington.
    1.5km of wet rocks and roots with some high consequence sections.

    Gonna make you Squeee like a pig boy!

    So on Sunday we set up the BBQ, timing gear and organized shuttles, beers & pizza's & had at it with 4 race classes.
    20th century bikes Males & Females (from the century we built the track)
    21st century bikes Males & Females. (for the saner riders)

    Enjoy this vid of some of the riding.... Fair warning if profanities are naughty were you are viewing this maybe turn the sound off and avoid the delightful sweet noises of Kiwi conversational talk.
    Alt title for the vid would be "Profanities and heavy crashes" (as per a facebook comment... That'd make a great band name!)
    The "colourfull language" starts with my business partner/workshop manager fracturing his ankle & wrist + destroying a brand new helmet..... He's currently in a moon boot and arm cast.
    But all in all what a hell of a day out for everyone!

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