Weekly XC and Super D series


Dec 30, 2007
Southern California
More beautiful weather and riding is on tap for this weekend’s weekly race. The trails are in good condition and we are looking forward to hosting everyone this Saturday. We have lots of things that are going to be a little different this weekend like better course markings and we are adding a few needed classes. We will also be having the Kids Zone this weekend to allow for the parents to be able to ride. Don’t forget our Hole Shot award that gives $20 to the first Male and Female to cross our Xbux.com hole shot line just a short distance beyond the start line. Also we will be having a BBQ after the XC race and an awards banquet. If you want to get a Hamburger and drink and chips to fill up those empty stomachs after the race then bring $5.

Now beings that the weather is going to be so awesome this weekend we want to see everyone on there bike and having fun. We are going to offer a 2 for $30 discount for everyone who brings a person that has never been to our race before. Now as far as which one get the discount, well we will let you guys figure that out. What more does one need for an excuse to come out and ride with us this weekend? How about several magazines and news papers and just maybe the local TV staion will be out to see what all the good news is about. So come out and get an early jump on training or help to refine the skills that we all need!

Don’t forget the about the great warm up and super fun race with the Super D staring at 1pm. Registration closes thirty minutes before so that we can get you shuttled up to the top on time.

Lap count and mileage for Saturday
Beginners 1 lap = 5.8 miles
Sports 2 laps = 11.6
Experts 3 laps = 17.4
These are all approximate distances and fast lap times are around 30 minutes.

We have extended our racing schedule through the end of July. This means that it will be getting hotter so as it does we will push back start times into the later afternoon. Don’t worry though we will give plenty of heads up!

See everyone this Saturday!

Robert Herber

As always we appreciate you helping make this grow by forwarding this onto you friends and those who would be interested!!! Thanks for the support!!!