weight and strength question


Turbo Monkey
Sep 23, 2001
Boise, Idaho
so on my new build i have been debating over 20mm vs normal lowers on my fork and varying hub choices, stiffness, clean factor etc.

the fork will be either my current 4x or a new one, shaved tabs and matched to the frame and other parts. I am trying to build this bike up as light as possible without sacrificing durability too much. I think a set of qr lowers with a nice smooth bmx front hub w/ ti flush mount bots would look killer but i am concerned about strength and stiffness. i ride pretty hard, but for the most part i stay off the front of my bike (a few nose manuals here and there, pretty dialed) and don't do foot jams at all.

So what do you guys think? Is it worth the weight savings (if there are any??) and do you think i will notice a decrease in stiffness? Finally if i do go this route, whats a super light front hub? Thanks guys and happy new years


Apr 13, 2007
one world...
Might not be that bad, lots of people out there running floats and stuff... 24" wheels might not stress'em as bad as a 26", but I don't know... I like my 20mm thru-axle stiffness on my Springers. Rigid is a different story though. I'd go Madera on one of those in a heart beat, or Demolition mary Kate... or even the smooth Marmoset. Right now I'm waiting on a custom alu. femaled bolt on axle for my Rebate.

as for the weight savings... I'm not too sure.


Nov 23, 2005
20mm is stiffer but i run a vanilla with no problems (2 years) and i like the feel of the fork it is on the flexy side but it makes up for it in performance and weight


Turbo Monkey
Mar 1, 2007
Champery, Switzerland
The only reason I stopped running QR 32 floats and Vanillas and started running Float and Talas 36 forks is for 3's. I sometimes land just slightly nose heavy and it puts a lot of force on the front wheel and with the 20mm thru axle it lets me not worry and try and dump 'em a bit more.


Oct 29, 2001
southern wisconsin
I don't know for sure, but how many BMX bikes have a locked on front wheel? None, to my knowledge, they all use blolts or nuts of some sort. You do have more leverage with bigger wheels, but IMO BMX bikes get trashed pretty hard and those wheels stay put. I've never had my wheel come out and I've only seen a handful of wheels pop off of other bikes. I guess I would say go for it, just make sure your stuff is locked down.

Me, I'll stay with my big ol' locked on axle, but only cuz I like the forks better then are set up for them.