weird fork noises...


Jan 7, 2007
The Area Bay
i have an '07 RS Domain, and i currently re-built it. now, its makes a light clapping noise when in its rebound motion. it only happens whe the rebound adjuster is on the fast half. its not topping out, but it simply makes a slight knock when rebounding.

i was thinking there was too much oil, but i checked it. the levels are good, and if anything a tad low. any ideas what this could be? or how to fix it?

i thought that was a symptom of high oil, should i check it again?


Turbo Monkey
Oct 29, 2006
does it affect the performance? it could just be the spring smacking the side of the fork, but if that was the case it would likely be making the sound when compressing...if you're still having the problem later this week let me look at it, i've had to fix knocking sounds in my travis before. i sent steve an email about the minions, i don't like that DHR so i'm going to try and get him to send it back, i was very specific in my emails that i wanted two DHFs.