Well, I got hit by a car again,

Lux Interior

Jun 18, 2005
and they say road biking doesn't give you an adrenaline buzz. It was sweet, they did the "california stop" right infront of me, looked the other way and then gassed it. I couldn't stop so I just just kept going . I think my rear wheel/triangle/hub sort of scraped along the front of the car (hopefully leaving a nice scratch). I didn't stop, they didn't stop ,I yelled some choice words and kept pedaling. I made it onto the next street and a clinking noise started coming from the rear, I figured I'd lost some spokes, but just my reflector popped off and dropped on the road. I guess I forgot my #1 rule of the road, "pretend you are invisible"
I need to go do something safer , like dirt jumping.


Turbo Monkey
Good to hear you're ok...sorry to hear about the reflector.

I had a close call yesterday. Rolling a bike-trail near downtown and some guy was too busy w/ his cell-phone to acknowledge that A) he had a red light and B) to look before crossing both the bike-path and the crossroad. I had to do a hard swerve to avoid him and wound up high-ending and have a lot of road-rash on my left knee and shin to show for it, as well as a torn sleeve on my FAVORITE jacket and a shredded pair of knickers. Good thing he was driving a compact car...if it were a SUV, I probably wouldn't have avoided it. Either the guy never saw me and had no clue I went down OR he saw it and has no conscience whatsoever. The bike's ok...scraped my LEFT (yes, sometimes bikes crash on the non-drive-side) hood and pedal real good but the frame has zero scratches/dents. Wheels (Mavic - Cosmic Elite) are as true as before. I scraped my Fizik Nisene saddle, but only on the plastic part below the fabric - BONUS.

Ironically, I felt much safer riding at our local jump area today.:think:


Jan 14, 2005
Floating down the Hudson
glad to hear you're alright and hopefully he had a really nice car that you scraped up. I once had a beamer force it's way into the tiny space in front of me on the street and literally back into my car to get in. My car didn't even have a scratch on it, but his leather-interior yuppy mobile had a perfect indent of my license plate in its back bumper!

Revenge is sweet :)


Jul 26, 2004
I have been hit before and it does give you the biggest rush. I flew through the air and smashed the ground with the bike still in between my legs, the fork

was ruined and the front wheel was 10 feet away. The lady was pulling to the side of the road and about to run over my pretty Ksyrium wheel, so I

hopped up with all my bloody road rash, not even knowing at the time my pelvis was chipped, and snatched the front infront of the moving car.

She must have thought I was crazy; running infront of her car again. I couldn't sleep on my left side for months.

Nice and round and swollen(That's my hip, not my bum)

I have crashed a bunch of times but the most recent one was a pretty funny one. At the shop that I work at during the day we lock

up all of ourused bikes outside. At the end of the day while we were bringing the bikes in a fellow employee, Brooklyn, and I decided to

have a little race. So bothof us grabbed the most clapt out kids bike we could find. I got a sweet green 20 incher coaster brake bike, with

some stunty pegs, andcrooked handlebars, and Brooklyn found a nice 10 speeder 20" wheeled bike, with no brakes and the gears

were all over the place. So we cruise to a side street behind the shop and line our selves up. "On your marks. Get set. GO!" We start

sprinting... Instantly I notice that the bike feels really bad, my weight is flexing the ****ty one-piece crank, and with no front

derailleur or any sort of chain guide I know that the chain is going to fall off. I yell "The chain is going to come off!", but I keep on givin'

'er. Brooklyn is pulling away, I push harded. I yell again, "The chain is going to fall off!", and this time it does. With all my force into the

pedal stroke I filp right over and land on my shoulder, tearing a nice hole in my shirt. My injuries included: bad road rash on my right

shoulder, right elbow, the peg jabbed me at my right achilles tendon, left shin got smashed up some how, and on the heel of both

of my palms I had some nice gashes filled with grit.

Pics are from the first story.


Turbo Monkey
Oct 5, 2004
Rochester N.Y.
I got hit the same way early in the summer, rolled up on the hood and scratched it with my pedal. Yelled at the guy and just kept riding. I was fine,my bike was fine thats all that matters. Glad to hear you are ok.