Well New England Monkeys...


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Sep 21, 2001
It was mentioned on the news in Charlotte that you were moving.


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I'm here!! Loco was no where to be found at the airport. WTF??? :biggrin:

i went to the wrong airport, broke the escalator at the wrong airport, made it minutes to spare at the correct airport, and then it was sorta smooth sailing after that. the cat fussed for the whole car ride and first flight...was tired of complaining the rest of the ride.

kids are enjoying it so far. cat is lounging in the temp home for now.

we go to the house tomorrow.

talk to you guys when i get to the new home. :cheers:


Aug 28, 2002
still if you go to TG green and belong at bradley , or Logan or LaGruadia , they are not exactly close to each other.
My guess would be she went to La Guardia instead of Kennedy or vice versa in NY. That I can see sort of.


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Aug 13, 2007
Can't help but laugh, with all the stress she had pre-move, then to show up at wrong airport...:rofl:

"What you mean wrong airport??? This one doesn't have planes that fly to Texas??"

Guess it was better than showing up at the Amtrack station trying to catch a plane...

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Aug 6, 2001
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I don't care how close together two airports are, I'm still not conviced going to the wrong airport is an acceptable mistake unless your plane ticket or travel itinerary is wrong.


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i thought you monkeys would get a kick out of that...

story is i went to laguardia. boss drove us there. after he took off and i went to check in my bags...the woman points to my e-reservation and says "what does this say"

"uh Newark"..."and where are you?"..."uh...laguardia/newark?" d*mnsh*tf*ck!!

so we rush down the escalator with ALL our bags (about 7) on this itty bitty cart...only to have one bag fall off as we decend...i almost lost the whole thing...one bag feel off...the people in front of us were in total panic mode that they were about to get run over by my luggage. then we get to the bottom but it gets stuck so we broke the escalator...got to ground transportation only to find out that we'd have to wait 45 minutes for it just to get to us. instead we got hussled into a car service...$115 later we were at Newark with just moments to spare to board. :banghead:

and yes X3...i had a lot of pre-stress sh*t with the move. i'd have to say if the only screw up came in the way of the wrong airport...i did pretty good. AND i'm still smiling. :biggrin:


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Aug 13, 2007
We weren't laughing at you, we were laughing AT you! ;-)

You're a good sport to pill it in here and I'm glad you made it there.

Bottom line, is that you are in the Republic safe and sound. Keep all this written down for the book you'll write one day.

Oh, I have your shirt, PM me an address.
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