Wellgo MG-1 Owners


Jun 22, 2007
I am thinking about picking up some wellgo mg-1 pedals but I have two questions - how thin (mm) are they? also, do they tend to spin very freely/frictionlessly or stop after a few rotations if you try and spin them? thanks.


Aug 13, 2003
Canada EH !
Well if owned quite a few pairs of these over the years, when new they do not spin freely at all but over time as the grease on the inside spindle gets displaced they start to spin more easily. You can adjust this resistance to spin by simply opening them up and repacking the gease to get the right amount of drag you are looking for.

These pedals are pretty tough considering how light they are and grippy as well. They are small in size though and pretty thin so they do not hit too many rocks out on the trail.
Getting pins out once you do bash them can be an issue and they can also be ripped out on large hits due to the soft Mag bodies.

They are 22mm thick and slightly concave.