Went past a movie set on Sunday's ride...

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Not the sharpest tool in the shed
Oct 18, 2002
The Cleft of Venus
The set is for a biblical scene in Jack Black's up coming movie "Year One"...

It's located about 200 meters off one of our local mtb trails.

It consists of a group of timber framed farm buildings with thatched roofs and stone walls made out of painted styrofoam.

Supposedly it is a biblical village where Jack Black meets Cain and Able and starts some sort of feud.

The Mist was filmed here in Shreveport, La even though it was supposed to be set in Maine.

About the flick:


Turbo Monkey
Oct 16, 2005
That's screaming for you to build some stunts!!

Build stunts, film it, put everything back and send the footage to connan obrien or jack black for sh1ts and giggles!!


Old Bastard Mike
Feb 26, 2003
Richmond, VA
I almost appeared in a scene filmed for the movie Cold Mountain, some of which was filmed here in Richmond, VA. I was riding downtown on Belle Island and dropped down a trail on the west end of the island right into the Civil War. A whole company of Confederate Soldiers were on horseback there.

Too bad Nicole Kidman wasn't hanging around.