Western Mass trails on Factory Jackson


Turbo Monkey
Aug 23, 2002
Roanoke, VA
Factory Jackson link

The Western MA trails scene got an axe to the neck from the city of Easthampton more than a decade ago, but one or two dude carried on. Some of the other dudes turned into junkies and violent criminals. Trails are important. Support the scene, etc.

Our boy Dog Piss got some land from a church and started digging 2 seasons ago and now we have pretty frikkin legit spot.
The trail boss is trying to fund his way through the winter making cool **** and selling it on etsy.

His first winter project is beautiful steel roses fer yer lovers:

It's so rad seeing a trail boss(Extreme Gardener) clawing his way through the winter as a steel florist!


Turbo Monkey
Nov 8, 2001
Rumson, NJ
I heard about those trails from an old school bmx buddy that lives up in Northampton. Good to see some a trail scene still going on up there. Fat-Trax and Custom Cycle have shops in Easthampton so there should be good LBS support for younger riders although I have noticed a trend that you see only riders above 25 years old (if not 30) in the wood digging and riding these days.

BTW, those roses are rad!