Westward migration!


May 14, 2005
Been ages since I posted last - like last fall I think. But now that the snow is almost gone and I'm getting into summer mode. And I'm finally moving out there! Super stoked to be living in Squamish by the end of May/beginning of June! I know a couple of people out that way but would LOVE to hook up with a couple of monkeys to do some riding - I'll need to be broken in easy, though. For the first little while it'll be tame XC stuff until I'm conditioned because: a) I'm sorely outta shape right now:D and b) my hardtail is all I'm gonna have for the first little while - can't afford the dually right away;) So yeah, if anyone is up for showing a new monkey around let me know! I can't wait! Man it's gonna be a great summer!