What does 200 Calories look like?


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Sep 8, 2001
North of Oz
Find it very weird they say 4 slices of flax bread is only 200 calories - 1 slice of normal wheat bread (american style) is at least 90 calories...Granted...American storebought bread typically has sugar in it.
The stuff in the bowls - it would be more helpful if they were in glass measuring cups - otherwise 200 grams of katsup looks rather more like a red swimming pool....


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Jul 22, 2002
Vestal, NY
is there an imperial version? i only use grams for one thing.
Yea, no kidding. How about measuring in cups or tablespoons or something useful. WTF measure food/liquid in grams???

on a related note... you know those $1 Gertrude Hawk candy bars, the ones that are often sold for fund raisers... them babies are 250 calories give or take, depending on the variety.