What is Trails?


Turbo Monkey
Nov 8, 2001
Rumson, NJ
Thats it in the pic, I guess technically it will be a 540 berm. Its not vert yet so its near impossible to hit it no brakes, but when you can, you should have the speed to pump the rollers into the rest of the jumps.

I am working on that side today bowling stuff out more. I have to work on my confidence hitting vert lips in anticipation of riding Catty on my 41st birthday ;)
Sounds sick. Catty on your 41st b-day? That's real rad. Some guys from another close-by set of trails hit the Catty Jam a few weeks ago and were saying how bananas Catty was. There place is plenty crazy so I can only imagine. Make sure to get some pics if you can.

Cru Jones

Turbo Monkey
Sep 2, 2006
Hell Track
yo cru is that a legal deal you got going there?
It's a new spot we got going on some private land. The guy's son is a really good bmx racer and there is already a full size bmx track on the property. The track is crazy. It has an exact replica of the rhythm section from the olympic track, a pro section, and huge 30 ft+ berm transfers. A bunch of the local racer kids train there and they wanted to have some real dirt jumps/trails to play around on... so we're building them.

Are some of these pics from your spot?


Nov 19, 2004
^^ flatrls will be stoked. that was a cool spot.
ya...it was sad to see it go. I started digging there in 05...lots of good times. Doesnt take long to go to $hit when the wrong people find out about it.