What the f?!? did I just do?


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Mar 12, 2009
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Got a wild hair to sell my passat and buy a new Audi A6 wagon. After a couple weeks of looking for the right color combo I started looking at supermoto's again. Ended up deciding to keep the passat, ordered up some air lift V2 air ride, got Brian at Rotiform started on some 3 piece wheels for me, and bought a KTM.

05 625 SMC w/ 3600 miles on it. Jetted, airbix mod, de-restricted exhaust, MX/Enduro headlight, scotts steering damper. All kinda of little ano'd orange bits.

Thing is mint, but within 2 hours of riding it, died (fuel tank empty before the switch to reserve) then wouldnt start via started. Kicked over just fine. Got some gas, took it home checked forums and sanded the paint off the battery chassis ground post and it started right up.
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Feb 3, 2004
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Nice! A buddy of mine has a similar ride and I've been able to take it out a few times. Super fun. I love my DRZ SM but if I trusted myself with more power I'd grab one of these.

As for wheel size: Think fast MX bike with street rubber. Check out some supermoto footage on the interweb.

A good bike analogy: Like riding a DH bike with hookworms a throttle. Smiles for miles. :thumb: