What to do after your bike’s been tipped whiled parked? Need advice


Sep 23, 2019
Hey y’all. Need some advice. Ive been riding scooters in my city for years and this isn’t the first time someone’s backed into and tipped it over- but this time the damage makes riding pretty unsafe. I walked outside after an appointment and noticed my Zuma was on its kickstand, not center stand- a sure sign someone’s picked it back up after knocking it over. I’m not a hobby mechanic by any means (some day) so I need to take it to the shop. I’m gonna need new handlebars- they’re completely bent, a new brake lever and a new mirror, plus some other stuff. I’ve only ever had scooters as far as vehicles go, and I’ve never had to actually use my insurance- is there a way my insurance would cover this? Have any of you gotten your insurance to cover a hit-and-run like this? There were no cameras at the scene unfortunately, I checked. No witnesses. Thanks in advance.