What would like to see in a bike trail in Waynesville

Discussion in 'The South' started by mtbman1127, Jan 17, 2009.

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    My old roommate is working on her final project for school and they have to make a forest plan for Waynesville and it must include recreation. She wanted to maybe use mountain bike trails as part of the recreation. If her plan is accepted at the end of the project it has a real possibility of happening and we could get another trail around here :cheers:

    So these are a few questions she asked me so far. What is your response to them and feel free to add anything to it if you want. Any ideas will help

    1) If some biking trails were to open up in the Waynesville area, do you think that you and others would be interested in going to them?

    2) How often do you think you would use the trails?

    3) If there were a fee to use the trails, what do you think would be a reasonable cost?

    4) How long are trails typically?

    5) What type of jumps, obstacles, etc would you like to have on the trails?

    6) What would attract you to trails in Waynesville over places such as Tsali, Pisgah and Clemson

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    Jul 9, 2007
    1) If there is a trail there will be interest. First impression are key though. If the trail is opened prematurely it could hurt the trails popularity.

    2) Depends on the quality of the trail. If it is a fun, buff trail it will get much more use versus a trail designed improperly.

    3) Harbison in Columbia charges 5 a day or 25 a year I believe, Marrington down here by me charges 15 a year I believe. So there is a ball park. Once again it depends on the quality of the trail.

    4) 6+ If a system of interlinked trails can be created then that is the way to go. This would give the option of a shorter or longer ride. Personally I love a good 13 - 15 mile loop for a short day ride.

    5) Oh man don't get me started on this, I love skinnies, some ladder bridges, teetor's, balance lines, progressive drops, whooptie whoops (if that's how you spell it lol).

    6) Wow that is a pretty big set of shoes to fill and have set to the side. Hard say since that riding is friggin awesome. I would aim to put yourself up there with popularity with those. Don't try to beat them at first, it won't happen.

    Also Get with the IMBA and SORBA. They have the know how and volunteer power and will support you as best as they can. It is very important to have a fun, flowy, sustainable trail. With out these traits you may as well give up.