Whats Next?


Sep 30, 2020
Still riding my 1995 Pro-Flex 855 World Cup. 21 lbs. 7075 T5 aluminum,Tig welded, heat treated and stress relieved. Controlled Flex like Reynolds 531 tubing,full Shimano XTR, Girvin leading link front fork with a Vanilla nitrogen shock. Vanilla also on the swing arm.

I like the Leading link fork because it keeps the front tire from washing out in the sandy down hill turns. Rake and trail stay the same under compression.

The XTR still works great.

What could I buy new that is close in handling and weight? Works in the sandy desert?

Now I did try a 29" wheel name brand, but do not like the high center of gravity. To much tire whip of the tall wheel.

Suggestions if what you suggest and own,ride.