What's Your First Bike Look Like?

Sep 15, 2023
Hey guys!
Let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about our very first bikes. We all remember that magical moment when we laid eyes on our first set of wheels. Whether it was a shiny new ride or a hand-me-down treasure, our first bikes hold a special place in our hearts.
So, What did it look like? Was it a sleek road bike, a rugged mountain bike, or a classic cruiser? Did it have any unique modifications or accessories or where it come from?
Share a photo if you have one! Let's celebrate the diversity and nostalgia that our first bikes bring.
I'll kick things off by sharing mine. My first bike was a vibrant red BMX with white handle grips and a chrome finish. It had a black padded seat and flashy stickers adorning the frame. I spent countless hours cruising around the neighborhood, feeling the wind in my hair and the thrill of freedom beneath me.
Now it's your turn! Let's hear about your first bike and the memories attached to it.