What's Your First Bike Look Like?

Sep 15, 2023
Hey guys!
Let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about our very first bikes. We all remember that magical moment when we laid eyes on our first set of wheels. Whether it was a shiny new ride or a hand-me-down treasure, our first bikes hold a special place in our hearts.
So, What did it look like? Was it a sleek road bike, a rugged mountain bike, or a classic cruiser? Did it have any unique modifications or accessories or where it come from?
Share a photo if you have one! Let's celebrate the diversity and nostalgia that our first bikes bring.
I'll kick things off by sharing mine. My first bike was a vibrant red BMX with white handle grips and a chrome finish. It had a black padded seat and flashy stickers adorning the frame. I spent countless hours cruising around the neighborhood, feeling the wind in my hair and the thrill of freedom beneath me.
Now it's your turn! Let's hear about your first bike and the memories attached to it.


Leader and Demogogue of the Ridemonkey Satinists
Oct 26, 2001
chez moi
Red mini-stingray styled thing, fixed gear with no brakes...solid rubber pedals, not quite a banana seat as I recall. That was a hand me down from my brother who had a metallic blue Schwinn with high bars, banana seat, and coaster brake that I'd inherit. I was like 4-5 when I had that.

Kent chrome plated BMX style from Sears or such was the next one. Then I got a pink and white GT Performer after he got a green and pink Pro Performer. Then in high school I got a Schwinn Sierra MOS in red with black splatter/spidering, and early index shifting. (Brother got an aluminum High Plains, always one better than me...) Rode that thru all of college for my transportation...no car...think I lubed the chain once or twice during the entire period of ownership using CLP from the ROTC stock...eventually cut off the index shifters and had a shop put friction shifts on since they basically worked regardless of adjustment.

Got rid of that somehow leaving school, but became a 'real' biker with the acquisition of a Trek 6000 in 1999, gray with red, and proceeded to try to mod the hell out of it to make it something it wasn't.


May 22, 2024
My first bike my parents bought a JCHiggins 3 speed at a yard sale. My dad stripped it down, painted it and put it back together w/o the fenders and that was my bike. I rode that for a couple yrs then my first new bike was a 1970 Murray sting ray. Loved that bike, rode the cr@p out of it.