wheel/fork & rear brake issue


Nov 3, 2014
Hi everyone, I got some questions that i couldn't find any answer on google. (I'm so bad a googling :/)
the frist issue i have is that when i brake my wheel goes to the left and almost touches the left fork leg.
it's a pretty old bike maybe from 2006 a spezialized epic.
I check the centering of the wheel and it's good. when i'm not braking or when i look at the wheel at home it's centered between both fork legs. Anyone expirienced something similar ?

the second issue is that the brakes I had on this bike never "released". what i want to say with that is if i puted the pistons back in the calliper after one braking the pads almost stayed in the same place what causes a terrible rolling resitance. I now put other brakes on this bike but i would like to know if there is a way to fix this ?

I also have a problem about the newer brakes where i'm not able to put the brakes over the disc coes the pads are to narrow. eveytime i try to push them back in the other one comes out so it's not possible to resolve this problem like that. (avid elixir 1)


Aug 18, 2017
I have to change my bike wheel. can you guys suggest me some of the mountain bikes wheel names? Thanks for the topic. I will come back soon for your suggestion. Take care your self.