Wheels of Fury “The New Pecking Order” Mountain Bike DVD

Dec 29, 2007

"Wheels of Fury “The New Pecking Order” is a departure from our past local movies. This movie is really two movies interlaced with each other and contains a story plot that will make you laugh. Filmed with cheesy cameras and sub-par special effects, this movie will motivate you to ride as well ask; “what were these people smoking to make this movie”?

"This movie features 8 character actors and over 30 local mountain bikers having fun on some of New England's best trails. Filmed throughout 2007 this movie features music by local New England band giving you the feel and flow of what each trail offers."

Film Locations:

Lynn Woods
Diablo Freeride Park
Highland Mountain

I've watched the movie many, many times now and love it even more each time I watch it. The riding is great, with about 6, 4 minute segments and then a crash segment. The riding is all shot in New England.

The comedy is not youtube, teenager humor (stupid humor).....but rather scripted, well-thought out humor that has a story line. Many bike related jokes will actually make you laugh out loud.

Anyway, I highly recommend it. The proceeds are used to maintain New England trails (ex: building bridges over a wet section of trail.) For $15, its a great deal!

The DVD is ready for purchase, $15 w/shipping. Many copies are being sold in the local NE bike shops.