When should the big Galbraith ride take place?


Turbo Monkey
May 23, 2002
Bellingham, Washington ~ U.S.A.
I'll be able to ride again in a week or two, so give me some time to recover and regain strength. So, lets say next month sometime. How many people would be able to make it up here on some weekend in october for an all day ride, probably on a saturday, maybe sunday? I remember last time we rode for 6 or more hours. Oh, and someone needs to get girlwhoboards up here somehow. That is, if her car doesnt work, or whatever. :p


Mar 26, 2002
dwaugh said:
Hey, you have 11,111 posts! :p Ok, I'll figure it out sometime, I just wonder which weekend would be best....? Don't worry, I know which trails are your favorites. ;) Actually, the chainsaw massacre may be rebuilt. :eek:
11,111 WTF :cool:


Aug 12, 2004
Cle Elum
Skookum said:
post it and i'll come.:)
We definitely need to have a ride the day after Thanksgiving or saturday at the latest. Last year you had a big ride on the Sunday after Thanksgiving but that didnt make any sense to me since most people are going back home. A post Thanksgiving ride should be done on either friday or saturday and its done in the mud and if its raining or snowing you still do it.

Last year we saw the "runaway groom" on the trail wearing his tuxedo when he was probably supposed to be getting married in Bellingham. Could that have been Skookum or another RM?